Ads that tickle your fancy may not be working so well for the client’s bottom line!

Great creativity… brilliant script… fantastic special FX…but could you recall what it was selling an hour later? Probably not after a few more viewings either! What was the proposition, the brand, the call to action or more to the point, what was the client’s return on investment?

I’ve seen it oh so many times in my thirty something years in advertising and marketing - The clients’ advertising spend swallowed up by egocentric agency art directors focused in winning a coveted D&AD award bestowed upon them by fellow conjunctivitis suffering creatives like some sordid form of ‘industry masturbation’ belittling the clients’ business objectives while utilizing their spend to promote their own personal ‘creative’ portfolio. Rant over!

Thankfully, we see much less of it nowadays as ROI has replaced D&AD as the standard to which advertising success and failure is now judged though some examples do still exist.

But better on this first of many industry related blogs, we proclaim ads that have tickled our fancy whist returning a substantial increase in sales and awareness for its brand.

Take the Nike tennis poster campaign that did it for me – one product shot, one logo and a four word headline that said it all...brilliant!